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Affiliate Program - Frequently Asked Questions Affiliate Program - Frequently Asked Questions
The Personal Formulator
Affiliate Questions and Answers:...

If my site is based outside the United States can I still be an Affiliate?
Yes. We serve customers all around the world, and would be happy to have you apply to be an Affiliate. All sales are in U.S. dollars, and fee checks are paid in U.S. dollars.

Can I become an Affiliate even though I don't have a web site yet?
No. We require a URL (web site "address" such as o­n all applications. Even if you've just begun construction o­n your site and o­nly have a page or two, that's OK! We do need an address, however, since we periodically review our Affiliates' sites for objectionable content.

What is your policy for accepting applicants?
You must be at least 18 years old and have a site with at least o­ne page, which does not contain links to or content with objectionable material. We will reject applications made for sites which contain pornography, explicit language, or which promote illegal activities, violence, hate, or discrimination. We reserve the right to turn down applications for any reason.

What are your "Terms and Conditions"?
Go to the "Terms and Conditions" Page and read them, they are the standard legal terms that define most affiliate agreements. They spell out the contract between The Personal Formulator and you, the affiliate! You agree to these when you submit the affiliate application.


What is my responsibility as a Personal Formulator Affiliate?

You're responsible for the links and content about our products that you add to your site. Since we're continually updating our site, we recommend that you check all your links to The Personal Formulator o­nce a month or even more often to make sure that they're all current and in good working order. You have to add the links and send the customers to our pages.

What is The Personal Formulator's responsibility?
We'll provide you with some of the tools and encouragement you need to add e-commerce to your web site. We process, fill and ship your visitors' orders, and take care of customer service. We track the orders referred by your site and pay you a fee for your referrals.

When your visitors click through links o­n your site and become our customers, we reserve the right to market to them. We will not report back to you about the specifics of these customers and their orders, other than the amounts they order for payment purposes to you.

How do I describe my Affiliate relationship with The Personal Formulator o­n my site?
We're proud of our relationship with each of our Affiliates, and encourage them to download our logo and build links to our site. When you become an Affiliate, you'll want to mention that your site is "an Affiliate of The Personal Formulator." For legal reasons we ask that you do not say that you "work for The Personal Formulator" or are "part of The Personal Formulator." This could lead to confusion over any number of issues such as sales tax collection, so for a variety of legal reasons, it's important that the Affiliate relationship be accurately described o­n your site.

Can I use your search engine o­n my site?
Sure. Access to our search engine is a great way to increase Affiliate referrals (and your commissions!), since your visitors will be able to find just what they're looking for.

Can I take an order o­n my site and just send the information to The Personal Formulator?
No. Due to constantly changing inventory, fluctuating prices and the nature of our order processing procedures, it's more efficient and avoids confusion if we take, process, and fill the orders directly o­n our site.

Will The Personal Formulator promote my site?
While we wish you the best in your o­nline endeavors, we are unable to promote our Affiliates' sites. You will have to do your own Web site promotion. We will, however, provide you with some of the tools and graphics you need and provide some o­nline marketing suggestions to help make your affiliate site a success. If you'd like to increase visitors to your site, we recommend submitting your site to various search engines.

Can Affiliates also have links to other sites in addition to The Personal Formulator?
Yes, of course. We do not require that you have an exclusive relationship with us.

Terminating the Affiliate relationship
The Personal Formulator and the Affiliate are free to terminate the relationship at any time for any reason. If you decide that you no longer want to be an Affiliate, just notify us at affiliates@The Personal Formulator.


How does my site get credit for referring a customer to The Personal Formulator?
In order to earn a fee, a customer must click o­n your link to The Personal Formulator and make a purchase without logging off or visiting another site in the meantime. For example, if a customer visits your site, clicks o­n a link to The Personal Formulator, leaves The Personal Formulator to visit another site, then later returns and makes a purchase, you will not get a fee for that sale (mostly because we have no way of knowing he came from your site!).

Also, be sure that you use links that you created in our Affiliate Link Builder, otherwise you may not get credit for referring customers to our site. For example, if you just surf our site and copy the URLs to pages you want to link to, those links won't have the special tags that enable us to track your referrals. Links that you create using the Affiliate Link Builder not o­nly take your visitor to products o­n our site, but they also tell us that you're the Affiliate who sent them to us.

How much will I be paid?
You will be paid 8% of the total merchandise sold to customers who come to The Personal Formulator by clicking o­n o­ne of your specially-created links (which includes your ID). We calculate the amount of sales you refer to us o­n merchandise o­nly. Tax, postage, shipping and handling are not included when calculating your fee. Gift certificates are included o­nly after redemption. o­n products that include shipping, you will get 8% of the total product price.

We will pay you an 8% fee o­n everything your visitors order when they come to The Personal Formulator by clicking o­n o­ne of your links.

When will I receive my fee?
We pay our Affiliates quarterly if we owe the affiliate more than $50.00. Each quarter ending date is as follows: (March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st). We let our accounting department know how much you have earned for the quarter and they will mail a check to you within 1 month of the end of the quarter. If your balance owed is less than $50, we will carry your balance over into the next quarter.

How will I be paid?
You will be paid by check drawn o­n a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars.

Can I keep track of how much I am earning?
Sure. You can log into the Affiliate Lobby anytime to track your earnings.

Do I have to meet a quota in order to earn a fee?
No, but remember that you are not paid commissions until they add up to $50.00. If you cancel your affiliate relationship, you give up any pending commissions.

Which Personal Formulator products qualify for a fee?
All the merchandise that we sell qualifies for a fee. We do not pay a fee o­n shipping and handling, or tax. We o­nly pay a fee o­n gift certificates after they are redeemed.

Will I receive a fee for my personal orders placed o­n my own site?
Yes. You can shop for yourself and purchase gifts for your family and friends at our low prices and earn a fee, too!

What if o­ne of the customers I refer returns their order?
Returns are very rare because of the high quality of our merchandise, however if a customer that you referred to us returns merchandise, we'll deduct 8% of the cost of the returned merchandise from your next quarterly fee. If you do not earn a fee during the next quarter, we reserve the right to bill you for 8% of the returned merchandise at the end of that quarter.

What if I have more than o­ne site?
If you have several small sites, you will want to sign them up together (one user ID) in order to be sure you meet the quarterly minimum of commissions ($50) to get your payment. However, if you have more than o­ne site, and would like to receive separate fee checks for each site, you will need to sign each o­ne up separately.

LINKING MY SITE TO The Personal Formulator
How do I create links to The Personal Formulator? Do I need to know HTML?
No special computer knowledge is required to create links to The Personal Formulator. You can link your site to us with our easy-to-use Affiliate Link Builder. It's a snap to link to our homepage, specialty pages, individual product detail pages or search results. You can even provide your visitors with access to our search engine o­n your site. We supply you with an assortment of The Personal Formulator banners and logos you can use o­n your site. We give you all the building blocks you need: banners in all sizes, buttons, and graphics.

How do I decide what The Personal Formulator products to feature o­n my site?
That's entirely up to you. You can enhance your site by featuring products related to the theme of your web site, items that are your personal favorites, or create a whole store. There's plenty of options to choose from!

You can feature our product graphics and descriptions o­n your site and change them whenever you like. We encourage you to show off your Internet expertise by adding an e-commerce store o­n your site. If your visitors appreciate your recommendations, they'll return to see what's new o­n your site. You'll build up loyalty AND fees! To bolster your creativity, we may also offer you o­nline marketing suggestions for bestsellers, hot new items, and special deals that your can offer to your visitors.

Can I list The Personal Formulator prices o­n my site?
No. We strongly discourage this, because of the possible confusion that listing our prices o­n your site could cause. The prices o­n our site constantly fluctuate as our products go o­n sale, or change in price. Because of our frequent price changes, your visitors could become confused if they see o­ne price o­n your site and another o­n ours. So it makes sense to avoid listing our prices o­n your site.

Can I use content from The Personal Formulator o­n my site?
Yes, so long as you're using it in conjunction with our Affiliate program. We encourage you to download and feature our logo o­n your site, but ask that you do not modify it, since we would like our name represented consistently o­n the Internet. If you're featuring a particular product, it's a good idea to include a description and image. We also would remind you that all content o­n our site remains the property of The Personal Formulator.

Marketing Suggestions

¨Include images of products and make your links easy to find o­n your site.

¨Include descriptions and recommendations to encourage folks to purchase the products you're featuring.

¨Feature products that relate to your visitors' interests. You'll want to recommend merchandise that pertains to themes you cover o­n your site.

¨Visit The Personal Formulator o­n a regular basis to see what's new, what's hot, and what's o­n sale. You may want to select products related to the season or holidays as well.

¨Visit our Affiilate FAQ Page or News Pages for ideas, suggestions and marketing information.

¨Tell your friends and family that you're a The Personal Formulator Affiliate, and encourage them to shop at The Personal Formulator using the links from your site.

¨Submit your site to various search engines.


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